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21 Super Quick Types of Blog Posts | 30 Minutes or Less

I know as a blogger it can be difficult to come up with fresh new ideas for blog posts.  Whether we're in the middle of something else, running around all day too busy to stop, or just feeling lazy, we still need to post some content on our blog.

  • What if I told you there were a variety of different types of blog posts you could utilize when creating a post that did not include you writing text and/or creating videos? 
  • What if I told you those posts would be powerful and take little to no effort to create? 
  • Would you believe me?

You sit down to write a blog post.  Typically it’s going to be one of two ways: text or video.  Either way, it’s going to take a good amount of time to create.

If you are not a writer or blogger, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with topics, content or even 1,000+ words AND sound intelligent. 

Since we all want to create powerful blog posts without spending a whole lot of time, I’ll give you some styles I found to be very effective.  Most of them include compiling other people’s information and all you need to do is make a few comments here and there.  That’s simple enough, right?

Content Aggregator

This is one of a few styles that are very easy to construct and will save you lots of time. 

This type of post requires you to scour the internet for interesting stories, news reports or other blog posts on your topic, include a link to the post, and make a comment about each one. 

My two favorite sites for finding great content is Buzzsumo or Huffington Post (which is, by the way, exactly what Huffington Post does).


This is similar to the interview style; however, you are going to ask many people one question instead of one person many questions. 

Let’s say you wanted to do a blog post on social media tools.  You could send 20 people who are in the industry (they do not have to be well known) a question such as, “What are your top three social media tools?” 

Include their answers, your comments (optional on this one), and a link and/or picture to the author.

content marketing, #mnminsights


content marketing, types of blog posts, #mnminsights

I'm sure you've seen them.  Infographics are large images with several steps, tips, stats, names, ideas, etc.  You don't have to create them yourself.  There are plenty of infographics to choose from online.

Google (topic) + infographics.  There will be a whole slew of them to choose from related to your topic.

Don't just share them.  You want to link back to the creator.  Many infographics will have an embed box.  Just copy that code and paste it into your blog post.

You can share as many infographics as you like, but the best posts I've seen include between 5 to 7 infographics related to one specific topic.


Include a few sentences on why you chose that specific infographic to share and do that for each one you embed onto your post.  See the example on one specific blog post.

Ted Talks

Ted Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on a variety of topics.  Go to Ted.com and you will be able to find a few videos out of 2600+ that you want to share.

You can do a couple of different things with the Ted Talks.


You can choose 5, embed them onto your blog post, and write a few sentences as to why you decided to share each one.

You can also pick one video and talk about it from your point of view.  Did you agree with the speaker?  Did you disagree?  Why?

I've picked one particular Ted Talk on 5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams.  I used the speaker's 5 specific ways, but my views were different for each one.  It is actually one of my favorite blog posts and one of my most popular.

YouTube Videos

content marketing, #mnminsights, types of blog posts

This is very similar to the Ted Talks where you find either a series of YouTube videos on one topic or speak about one.

One of my favorite ways to utilize YouTube videos are to find a video that breaks down steps or procedures. 

I take screenshots of each step/procedure and give the directions step by step in the post.

At the end of the blog post, I embed the entire YouTube video just in case my reader wants to watch it.  This type of post is called the YouTube Cutup.


Top Ten

List your favorite articles, blogs, resources into a Top 10 list.  Speak about why they are your favorite.  Don't forget to link back to the specific article/blog/resource.

If you do not have favorites, find some of the best by Googling (topic) + best blogs.  

Share Resources

Shared resources are similar to a Top 10 post in that you share your favorite tools, blogs, books, people, websites, etc.

This kind of post can quickly become a Pillar Post because you will keep adding to it with each new favorite.

I shared 12 Best Tools for Your Business.  I linked to the tool (if you can become an affiliate, share the affiliate link).  Then I spoke about what each tool is, what it does, and then how we use it.  I then list the price at the end and added a screenshot of the home page of the tool.


Interview Style

types of blog posts, #mnminsights

We all have people we can interview, but I have a hard time approaching people to give up their precious time.  Keeping in mind that interviews are also great for the interviewee because it gives them more exposure helps to remind me that I’m doing them a favor as well.

There are a variety of ways you can conduct the interview.  If you have a hard time speaking to people who are more knowledgeable or more influential, you can conduct the interview through email.  Contact them first, send them several questions you want them to answer, and turn the answers into a post.

You can also do the interview face to face in person or on video.  I have a team member who attended her first event a couple of years ago, and she approached all the leaders and asked them one question while recording the session with her cellphone.  Afterwards she was able to compile several blog posts from the interviews she collected.

Phone calls are a great way to conduct interviews.  People usually have a few minutes to jump on a call to answer a few questions.  They can do that from their office, car or even their kid’s soccer game.

Review of Books

As business owners, we should be reading on a daily basis.  Doing a book review is one of the easiest blog posts to write.

Just describe the book, share a picture, and speak about your thoughts on the topic.

Did you agree with the author?  Did you disagree?  Why?  Is there anything else you would have added to the book?

Ninja Tip:  If the book is listed on Amazon, write a review and link back to your blog post.

The image to the right is a book review someone did on Medium for the Slight Edge.

types of blog posts, #mnminsights


Review of Your Products

Over 80% of people stated that reviews on particular products helped with their purchase decision.  You want to be one of the people reviewing your particular products.

Do not write a review about a product you have not used.  Do not make the product sound better than it really is.  People can see right through those types of reviews.

You want to give an honest review per product and then link each one to your website for purchase.

Speak about what the product is, some interesting detail about this product, and your review of it.  You can decide whether to add the price.

An alternative is to do product reviews for other products/services you've used.  I would definitely make sure you've either used it in your business or it is in your niche. 

Please keep it nice.  Do not bash the product or the maker.

Customer Case Study

People love case studies.  You can pick a customer who has had a great experience with your product or service and interview them.

Discuss what life was like before they used your product/service, what product or service they tried, and what life is like now.

An alternative is to have the customer send you a video or a few paragraphs that you can include in your case study.

Link back to the person and include a photo, if possible.


People also love quotes.  These are another easy blog post to put together.

Just find some quotes either by one specific person or on one topic, include 5 to 7 of them in a blog post, and write a couple of sentences about your thoughts on the quote.

An alternative is to find a crazy amount of quotes by one person or on one topic and include them in a list, like the one on the right.  I liked this example.  Every so often he picked a quote and made it bold and intended it.

content marketing, types of blog posts, #mnminsights

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

There are quite a few blog posts you can do on FAQs.  You can speak about questions you get on your business, products, the company, the industry, etc.  

If you are selling any type of product or service, you should have a FAQ post.

SAQ - Should Ask Questions

This is a different take on the FAQ.  These are questions people should be asking, but don't.

content marketing, #mnminsights

Ask Me Anything

This is an interesting post idea.  You can send out a notice to your readers and subscribers asking that they send in any question and you'll answer it in a blog post.

These questions can later comprise a FAQ post or even SAQ post if you didn't get the questions you believe should have been asked.

There is even a WordPress Plugin for this type of post.  It adds a form on your blog where people can ask you questions anonymously.


You can recap your favorite articles, blog posts, and videos from your blog or YouTube channel.  Not only are you putting the word out about some of your other content, you are linking within your blog, which Google loves.

An alternative is to recap a webinar or training you've attended or ran.

Ask an Expert

There are so many things you can do with this type of blog post, if you have the guts to ask them.

This is a fairly easy blog post after you've done the legwork.  Find an expert and ask them to write a guest blog post for you.

They don't necessarily need to be experts.  They can be leaders in your organization or a successful upline.

An alternative to this is asking 5 to 7 experts one question and compiling the answers into a blog post.  Of course, if you want between 5 and 7 experts' answers, you'll have to ask around 15 to 20 people before you get that many yeses.

You can create several posts if you ask these 5 to 7 experts multiple questions and compiling the answers to each question in several blog posts.

You will want to link to their website, include a profile picture, and maybe even a short bio.

Guest Bloggers

content marketing, #mnminsights

If you have developed a blog with an active community (comments) or receive a lot of traffic, it will be fairly easy to find guest bloggers.

You can put the word out you are looking for guest bloggers, but there are also some sites specifically for guest bloggers and journalists.

You can also include a link in your menu that says you are always looking for guest bloggers.  This page should be a landing page where they enter their name and contact information.

Share Your Dreams/Visions

This can be a quickly written blog post if your dream/vision is firmly cemented in your mind, as it should be.  In business you must know why you are doing what you're doing.  This not only inspires you, but also pulls you through the rough patches that come with every business.

In this post idea, you can share your dreams and visions of your future.  Sharing your dreams and visions inspire others to dream bigger.

types of blog posts, #mnminsights

Another alternative is to ask your readers and subscribers to send you their dreams and visions for the future.  You can compile them into a blog post or two, depending on how many responses you receive.

Share a Humorous Personal Story

People love funny stories, especially if they're true.  Sharing a humorous personal story allows a window into your life and helps you become more likable.  It also shows people that you're human.

Best Comments

This is a pretty quick blog post to compile.  If you have a substantial amount of comments on your blog posts, compiling them into a Best Comments You've Received From Other Posts blog post should be a snap.

There you have it.  I hope I gave you some food for thought and I sparked some creativity.

When I was introduced to these styles my imagination ran wild.  I will never run out of content for my blog now that I can utilize all these methods, and now neither will you.

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