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The 8 Greatest Content Idea Hacks of All Time | Content Creation

We get many questions posed to us, but one of the most common is:  Where do you find content for all your videos and blog posts?

So I decided to write a post to answer that question.

Content creation can be one of the easiest parts of your business, if you know where to find it.

Content is everywhere…. literally.

It can be your experiences, your own stories, your failures and how you overcame them, books, blogs, social media, videos on YouTube, magazine articles, podcasts, and especially other trainings you attend.

Content Creation Hack #1 - Your Experiences/Your Story

You have a story.  You may not think you do, but if you’re running a business, you do.

Your story is:

  • what led you to a home based business
  • what are your reasons or your why
  • what experiences you had in the past when trying to start in your business
  • what are/were your challenges and how did you overcome them
  • what are your successes
  • what were your failures
  • what did you learn from your failures?

That should be enough content right there for 20 blog posts or videos if you look hard enough.

Content Creation Hack #2 - Books

I get about half of my content from books.  I don’t like reading.  I never have.  But I finally stopped buying magazines for the bathroom, and instead I read a few pages every time I’m in there.  (TMI?)

Even one sentence can spark content.  I read a sentence from one of the books recently about comparing yourself to others, and it sparked a great video AND blog post on why you should never compare yourself and your business.

content creation, #MnMInsights

You can open up a book to practically any page, read that page, and you have content for a blog post.  All you need to do is put it in your own words.

There are great books out there on motivation, mindset, marketing, running a business.

I’m reading a great book right now called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

I just finished one called The Gifts of Imperfection by Dr. Brene Brown.  I created a lot of content from just that one book.

Content Creation Hack #3 - Blogs

If you are marketing a business or products, you should be reading other people’s blogs.

They should be leaders in your company, leaders in the industry, and other people you come across that give great information…. like me!

If you're not sure where to find blogs, just Google (your niche) + blogs.... or (your niche) + top blogs.

Content Creation Hack #4 - Social Media

There is some really great content on social media.  People post their content everywhere.

Lots of people share their blogs and videos on Facebook and Twitter.

SlideShare is a great source of content.  People posts slides, and they are searchable under content and by keyword.

StumbleUpon is awesome!  It’s like a rotatory of websites or blogs that you get cycled through.

Content Creation Hack #5 - YouTube Videos

Have you checked out YouTube?  There is some great stuff on there.  There are lots of training videos and motivational/inspirational videos.

And not all of your content needs to be niche related.  You can do a post or a video on a funny video you found on YouTube once in a while.

Watch some videos on a specific topic you want to write about.  Then put the information into your own words.

Content Creation Hack #6 - Magazine Articles

Most magazines have their content online or they post additional content on their blog.  My favorite magazines are Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes.

Typically, if you plug a specific keyword phrase into Google, like “network marketing business”, there will be articles from several magazines on page one of the search results.

Or you can Google (your niche) + magazines and you'll get a whole slew of them.  

If you just want to look at the magazine covers, just type in (your niche) + January magazine covers.

But there are other ways magazines can give you an endless source of content creation ideas.

Looking at the articles can spark ideas.  You can give your take on the article content, link to the original article, and now you have an authority link in your blog post.

Covers of the magazines are awesome!  These are the headlines that your customers want to know about right now

Also pay attention to how the headlines are written.  These magazines are the greatest resource to learn how to craft headlines because they are the original content creators and have been around for hundreds of years.  1663 was the first known publication in Germany.

Content Creation Hack #7 - Podcasts

There are millions of podcasts on iTunes.  Mark listens to them in the car.  He comes home with really great content from them.

Leaders have their own podcasts, companies have their own podcasts, lots of 7-figure earners have their own podcasts.

Sometimes even people new in the industry have their own podcasts that have really good content you can take and use in your own words, ALWAYS in your own words!

Content Creation Hack #8 - Trainings

The other 50% of my content comes from trainings I’ve watched, attended, purchased or have been a part of.

You can give a summary of the training.  You can pull specific points and share them.  You can teach one specific thing you learned.

You can implement the training and teach on your experiences.

I have 6 five-subject notebooks of notes from all the trainings, webinars, and events I’ve attended in the last 3 years.  People refer to them as "uncashed checks" in the sense that there is a lot of content you now have available to you in those notebooks.  (Hopefully you take notes in these trainings.)

Wrapping Up

So I hope you can see there is content all around you.  It’s not hard to come up with something.

The hardest part for me was putting it into my own words, but with practice I can now sit down and write an entire blog post in 20 minutes or shoot a 3-minute video in…well….3 minutes!

You will become a pro at it too the more you do it.  And the more you do it the easier you will find content in pretty much anything.

Below is the video I shot a couple of years ago that sparked this blog post.

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