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Prospecting Is Not Cool

25 years ago prospecting in network marketing looked very different than it does today. Prospecting in Network Marketing 1992 You are out on the street or in a store hoping to find someone who looks like a person you would want to work with….or if you’re desperate enough, any warm body will do. You see […]

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Doubters and Haters

Do you live your life according to society’s standards? What do I mean by that? Well simply, do you live your life on society’s terms? Doubters and Haters’ Expectations When you were in high school, the question you got asked by almost every adult was, “What are you going to study in college? When you […]

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Awareness Is Key

Awareness is key, both in your business and in your niche.  Awareness of what your customers want and what they need.  Awareness of which marketing strategy is working and which one is not getting any response. Once you develop that awareness, you can make the necessary changes to keep up with the marketplace. But there […]

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