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Doubters and Haters

Do you live your life according to society’s standards?

What do I mean by that?

Well simply, do you live your life on society’s terms?

Doubters and Haters' Expectations

When you were in high school, the question you got asked by almost every adult was, “What are you going to study in college?

When you were about 25, the questions started coming, “When are you getting married?”

As soon as you walked down the aisle, probably even at the reception, you got the question, “When do we get to see babies?”

If it’s expected for adults to have a job, then you have a job.  If it’s expected to get married, you got married.  If it’s expected for you to have children, you had children.  If it was expected of you to retire at 65, you retired or was “forced” into retirement.

And you did not step one foot outside the boundary of normal for fear of criticism or nonacceptance.

95% of the population lives in the world of “normal”.  No one likes to be criticized or not accepted.

So what if you decided to be different?  You would risk being called a slacker or an old maid or selfish for not having kids.

But 5% of people step out of ordinary and into their dreams.  5% of people put on their thick armor and go against the herd to live an extraordinary life.

I know more than 5% of the population has done that, but they tried, failed, and went back to normal.  It’s the 5% who tried, failed, tried, failed, and tried again and are succeeding.

A Success Story

Take one of our mentors, for example.  He came here from another country, had a good career, got married, and had children.  But he was not happy.  He hated his job.  He hated commuting, sitting in traffic, sweating bullets when he was late, and could only take vacation when he was told it was okay.

So one day he had enough.  He decided to start an online business.

Coworkers, friends, and family told him he was crazy.  “It’s not going to work” they said.  “It’s a pyramid scheme” others said.  But he pushed past all of that and worked toward his dream.  Even his wife was not on board.

After several months of consistently increasing results, his wife started to pay attention.  After several more months, she got on board.

But coworkers, friends, and family still told him he was crazy.  “It is only a matter of time until you lose all your money.”

When he was able to quit his job, people started to take notice.  They saw that he was succeeding.  They saw he was able to live his dreams.

And they were jealous.

Now they went from doubters to haters.  (Maybe not hate, but I’m trying to prove a point.)

Jealousy reared its ugly head.  This couple were rebuffed by friends and family because they were making more and more money.

They have now made over a million dollars in this business.  People do not believe them.  People ask to see their tax forms.  (People have actually asked them that.)

So Why?

Why is it so unbelievable that 2 people who did not speak English fluently could build a business and earn over $1 million?

Because society says it’s not believable.  Because society writes the rules that people are supposed to follow, and if you go against society, they don’t like it.

To this day they still have haters, lots of them.  Instead of people praising them for their accomplishments or asking them for help on how they can start to follow their dreams, most people criticize and judge thinking they must have done something illegal to get to this point.

With the internet consisting of over 3 billion people worldwide, it is incredible to me that this way of thinking continues.

Why is it so unbelievable in this day and age for people to have legitimate internet businesses with legitimate products that educate other legitimate business owners on how to more effectively market their businesses via the internet?

Because your dream is not for everyone.

Because people will stop and throw rocks at you along the way.

Because you will be tempted by them to stop and get back into the normal swing of things.

And most people will.

The people who have succeeded, like the couple I mentioned above, did not give into temptation.  When they got hit with a rock, they got back up and continued on their journey.  They didn’t continue to lie on the ground and let society come and help them up.

They didn’t let fear of the unknown and fear of failure deter them from achieving their dreams.

They failed, got back up, tried again, failed, got back up, and tried again and succeeded.

Would you?



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