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11 Jaw Dropping Posts for Floods of Facebook Engagement

How well are people engaging with your posts on Facebook?  Why is Facebook engagement so important?

Facebook engagement is extremely important.  Most people don’t know this, but only 6% of your friends or fans will actually see your content.  Only 6%!  So if you have less than 1,000 friends, that is not a lot.  I mean it’s not even a lot when you have 5,000 friends. 

When you get people engaging with your posts, i.e. liking, commenting, sharing, Facebook will increase your reach and show your friends and fans more of your content.  Facebook wants to provide its users with the best experience, and so they will reward people who put out good, engaging content that people like.

So how do you get that engagement?  In today’s post we’re going to share with you 11 different kinds of posts that you can use to get that engagement and increase your reach. 

Personal Posts

Personal posts can be anything like a great new restaurant you found, an amazing recipe, vacation pictures or something funny that your kid did or said.  Personal posts are a great way for people to learn about your family and your interests, and it’s really engaging content.  


facebook engagement, #MnMInsights


People love video, the more engaging the better.  If you are marketing a business on Facebook, you should be creating and sharing content, and videos should be part of your marketing strategy.  

Facebook Live videos get the best overall reach.  If you think about it, people are reading all day long.  If they can watch an engaging video, they would much rather do that. 

If you have friends who have done some awesome videos, you can share theirs as well.  Share the love, right?  



They can be success quotes, life quotes, funny quotes, inspirational quotes, and even your own quotes.  People absolutely love good quotes.  It’s crazy the amount of engagement quotes get.  They get the most engagement.  

You can share the quotes in text form and also create an image out of them.  Use them in a variety of ways.  


Funny Things

There are lots of funny things out there.  My friend Jaime found something very funny before it became too popular and shared it on her Facebook fan page.  The engagement she created with that video was crazy!  

Do you remember that video of the lady in her car with the Chewbacca mask?  Jaime found that when it was first posted, and she was able to increase her reach by 200% with that video alone.  

You can find funny things all over the internet, Facebook, and YouTube.  Find something funny that hasn’t been shared in a long time, or better yet, find something really funny that hasn’t gotten a lot of traction yet.


Relatable Posts

This kind of goes along with the personal posts.  Stuff like, “Hey, I’m home on a Saturday night and don’t laugh because you are too.”  If your child did something crazy, lots of people can probably relate to that.


Blog Content

If you are running a business, you should be doing a blog, and so you can share that content.  You can share the blog itself or take excerpts from the post and create a quote image or just create an image with the post title.  There’s lots of things you can do.  

I will be taking a Facebook Live video I recently did and create a blog post to show you all the different ways you can use your blog over and over again.  Keep checking back for that post.  You’re not going to want to miss it.

Fill-in-the Blank Posts

These kinds of posts get a lot of engagement because you are enticing people to reply with their answer.  You can say something like “If I could travel anywhere in the world for free, I would go to ________.”



We’ve all seen those.  “Hey, does anybody remember this?” Or better yet, “Share if you remember this TV show.”  It must be an old, popular TV show like the Brady Bunch or something off-the-wall like ALF.  

Again, you can find these on YouTube or even Google the title of one you remember.  

Posts like these create a lot of engagement because most people will remember them and then share it.  Not only does it increase your reach, but once people share it, their friends see your name and might check you out.  

Sharing your own throwback pictures are great because people get to see inside your life and they love that.


Caption This Posts

Again, people love these kinds of posts.  Find a funny or cute picture and then ask people to write a caption for it.  “Hey, what do you think this dog is saying?”  This creates very good engagement as well.


Share a Tip from an Industry Expert

Find a leader in your niche and share one of their tips.  If it’s a good tip related to your audience, people will love it.  And you are providing valuable content.


facebook engagement, #MnMinsights

Good Morning/Good Evening Posts

People love this stuff.  They love to say, “Good morning to you too,” and “Have a great Monday!”  We all want to be motivated in the morning.  These can be very engaging. 


facebook engagement, #MnMInsights

Now remember, when you’re on Twitter, you have to post all the time because the feed goes too fast.  But with Facebook we don’t have to post all the time.  Two to three good posts a day is enough. 

We just gave you about a week’s worth of content right here, so go create those engaging posts!  Send me a friend request so I can interact with your posts too!


Here is the Facebook Live I did on this subject last week.  Enjoy!

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