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How to Promote Your Blog for Free

People ask us all the time:  How do you promote your blog?  So instead of answering each one separately, I thought I would do a video discussing exactly what we do.  And all of these strategies are free, which is the best part.

(Note on video:  Since the date of this video, writing one good blog post a week is best.  Writing content every day is not recommended for a variety of reasons, the least of which is the quality of your blog posts will suffer if you are striving to write one blog post a day.)

Promote Your Blog Post Strategy #1

The very first thing we do is keyword research.  Keywords are very important if you want to get your blog post on the first page of Google.  

Even if you’re not interested in SEO (search engine optimization), just adding keywords in specific areas of your blog posts can get you on the first page.  We’ve ranked many of our blog posts and videos with just using keywords.  Nothing else.

Place those keywords:

  • in your title
  • in your URL
  • in the first paragraph
  • possibly as a heading
  • sprinkle related keyword phrases throughout your content

A word of caution here.  Do not keyword stuff your post.  Google will essentially blackball you out of the search engine if they feel you are keyword stuffing your posts.  Make sure you use the keyword phrases in as natural a way as possible so it flows smoothly and makes sense.

Example:  For this post, my keyword phrase is "promote your blog".  You will see it in the title, URL, first paragraph, almost every section heading, and sprinkled throughout the content.  It flows naturally.  I could have just as easily headed my sections with "Strategy #1, Strategy #2, etc." without adding "Promote Your Blog", but it still sounded natural to use my keyword phrase.  

promote your blog, #mnminsights
promote your blog, #MnMInsights

Promote Your Blog Post Strategy #2

The next thing we do is post our blog on social media.  Post it on every social media platform you are on both on your timeline and in groups/communities that are related to your niche.

If you use images, linking those images to your blog post in Pinterest or Instagram are great. 

Making sure your security settings in Facebook are such that friends of friends and even the general public can see your posts will ensure thousands more eyes will see them.

Creating a video for your blog will help you to get your blog on the first page of YouTube and possibly even in Google (because Google owns YouTube). 

Videos are extra pieces of content that you can also syndicate throughout social media in addition to the blog post itself.  

If you create a video off of a blog post, for example, giving 5 tips on how to lose weight for the summer, talk about 2-3 of those tips in your video and then direct them to your blog post for the remainder.

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Promote Your Blog Post Strategy #3

Commenting on other people’s posts with good, quality comments are great as well.  Your name will be clickable, and you can set the URL to your blog.  When people come across your comment and like what you have to say, they can click on your name and go straight to your blog.

This also creates backlinks that help your blog post to rank in the search engines.

Super Secret Ninja Trick:

Find the most popular blog posts on Buzzsumo and comment on them.  These top blog posts have thousands of shares which exposes our blog to millions of people!  

promote your blog, #mnminsights

Promote Your Blog Post Strategy #4

Thousands and thousands of people still use forums every day.

You want to find a question you can answer related to your blog niche and leave your URL in your signature line (non-spammy).  You can also leave a link to your blog post that directly answers the question asked -- BUT you want to first answer the question inside the comments.

Make sure the answer is a quality answer with at least two paragraphs.  When people come across your answer and see that you’re knowledgeable about that specific topic they can then go to your blog.

Some of the most popular forums sites are:

You can also Google (your niche) + Forums to find some niche-related forums.

Promote Your Blog Post Strategy #5

Syndication groups are one of the ways we get our blog seen and commented on, which helps your SEO ranking.

Typically the rules in syndication groups in Facebook or elsewhere are you must read, comment, and share on anywhere between 2 and 4 member's blog posts on your social media before you can post your blog info.

The reason this is significant to you is other members must do the same and your blog post gets seen by thousands more people that would never have otherwise seen your post.

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Other places on the internet where you can promote your blog for free

Wrapping Up

This is just the tip of the iceberg on how you can promote your blog posts for free.  Watch for more posts related to this topic or check out our Traffic Booster course!

We appreciate you taking the time to read our post.  This content came from our course 'Ignite Your Blog'.  If this post helped you, check out this course for more great information. 

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