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How To Find Happiness Within Yourself

No, this is not going to be your average “how to find happiness” article.  In fact, I got the idea for this blog post from a video I share at the end.  The video is called The Lie We Live.

If you want to learn how I discovered happiness from a video about living a lie, read on.

Your Life Right Now

Think about your life right now.  What do you do each day?  Is it the same thing over and over?

Do you wake up, grab a cup of coffee as you run out the door, work all day for someone who doesn’t appreciate you, fight traffic to get home, sit in front of a screen of some kind before going to bed only to wake up and do the same thing over again and live the same day as yesterday?

We discovered the world through a textbook.  We were raised to be no different than the person sitting next to us.  God forbid we were unique in any way.  We adapted to a predetermined pattern of behavior.  Most of us were raised NOT to make a difference in the world.

We studied and went to college and became smart enough to do our job, but not enough to question why we do it, why we work 8+ hours a day to build someone else’s dreams.  We work hours of our day away so there is no time left to do what we really want to do.

Time eventually passes until there is one day that we are no longer able to do our job.  The next generation takes your place and the cycle begins again.

(Wow, I thought this was an article about happiness.)

Our Common Goal

Each one of us believes our path is unique.  But together, we are just electricity that powers the dreams of those who hide in big corporations.

It is their world, and we power it all.

Why would we do that?  For money, for pieces of paper that are just tools to feed us, clothe us, move us, and entertain us, and for that, we power their world.

how to find happiness, #mnminsights

If we look deep inside, we realize our dreams are the same.  We share a common goal: Happiness, Joy.

We look for it in various areas: other people, possessions, money, a sense of accomplishment, our career, drugs, alcohol, etc.  You will never find lasting happiness and joy in those things.  They are fleeting, temporary.

Finding Happiness

So where does true happiness and joy lie?

Inside you.  Only you can bring true happiness and joy to your life.

  • What do you feed your soul with?

  • What do you love to do that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a screen?

  • What makes you truly happy?

  • What is that you want to do?  Because if someone else is doing it, you can do it too.

  • Are you spending time doing what makes you happy?

The happiest people in this world are the ones who own the least.  Think about it.  Are you truly happy with your iPhone, big house or fancy car?  Are those things bringing you the happiness and joy you long for?

Some of the happiest people on earth are those in Third World countries who live in huts with no running water, no cars, barely enough food to eat, and NO screens.

Through watching the world on screens, we have witnessed the extraordinary, we idolize people we’ve never met, talk to our family and friends without being face to face, and catch glimpses of far off lands.

Is that truly living?  Is that where you are going to find your happiness?

Watching the world on screens brings us to places we would never reach, keeps us in touch with family and friends we never see.  Those are the positive things.  But to truly live life, to truly be happy we need to really LIVE, live like there is no tomorrow, live like your life depends on it.... because it does!

Change is Necessary

how to find happiness, #mnminsights

We sit around and wait for someone to bring change.  Change will not happen unless you bring it yourself.

This is a world of followers.  But we seem to forget that humans did not survive because we were the fastest or the strongest.

We survived because we worked together.

But into today’s world, there is no us.  There is only me sitting in front of a screen waiting for someone else to make the change.

When are we going to realize that change will happen when WE make it happen?

We’ve mastered the world and its mediocracy, its schedule, its hurriedness.  Now we must work together to master the art of joy, of living, of happiness.

I remember life without screens, without computers and cellphones to disconnect us from each other.  We could see which direction we were heading because we didn’t have screens in our faces.

But this is also one of the best times because we have access to the internet where we can share our message to unite with others around the world.

Instead of using our screens to drive us further apart, reading emails, watching silly videos, playing games, we can use them to connect with more people who share common goals, to inspire and motivate each other.

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“Life is not a movie. The script isn’t already written. We are the writers. This is your story. Their story. Our story.” 

Spencer Cathcart

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As I said at the beginning, this blog was inspired by a video by Spencer Cathcart called “The Lie We Live”.

Closing Thoughts

True happiness is not found in people or things; it's found inside of us.  Only we know what will truly make us happy, and only we have the power to make it happen.

It's all about knowing yourself and making a choice.

Know yourself enough to know what you want, what you love to do, what makes you happy, and then make the choice to make your happiness a priority.  Make the choice to go after your happiness, whatever it may be.

I know we all have very busy lives, some more than others.  We all have moments throughout our day that are ours, whether they are early in the morning, late at night, our lunch hour, our child's nap time.  We must make a conscious effort to choose to do with those moments what will lead to our happiness.


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