Pardon Our Dust

Please pardon our dust while we transfer content from our old blog to this new one.

While we had many blog posts on our old blog, as part of our new course Light Up Your Business with a Blog, we showed step by step how to create a blog from scratch.  This blog was the result of that training.

Because this blog is a secure site with a https [SSL encryption], we decided to utilize this as our primary site.  Plus, this gives you, our visitor, a better sense of privacy when you visit our site.

The theme on our previous blog was Divi.  Although it is my favorite theme, it is also extremely difficult to transfer blog posts at the click of a button due to shortcodes that the Divi theme utilizes.  Therefore, each blog post and image needs to be transferred one by one, copy and paste.

Though it is time consuming, it also gives us a chance to give you the newest content with up-to-date information and new images.

So it will take a while to complete the transfer.

If you would like to visit the previous blog for more information, you can check it out at

Thank you for your patience.  Please come back and visit.


Mark 'n Michelle Eaves, 
Online Marketing Business Coaches
and Blogging Expert Divi Diva
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