prospecting in network marketing, #MnMInsights

Prospecting Is Not Cool

25 years ago prospecting in network marketing looked very different than it does today.

Prospecting in Network Marketing 1992

You are out on the street or in a store hoping to find someone who looks like a person you would want to work with….or if you’re desperate enough, any warm body will do.

You see someone, approach him, and strike up a casual conversation.  You ask him what he does for a living and you pretend to be interested. 

Then you ask him if he ever thought about a home business.  You go into your spiel, and he seems genuinely interested.  He gets your information and sets an appointment to follow up with you.  Boom!  You’ve just prospected someone.  Awesome!

People have built 6 and 7-figure incomes building a team this way.  It’s worked for decades.

Prospecting in Network Marketing 2016

You are out on the street or in a store hoping to find someone to prospect.  You see someone interesting and approach him.  There’s a 50/50 chance he will stop and talk to you or he’ll just keep walking.  Heck, there’s 90% chance he’s on his cellphone.

Let’s say for the sake of the story he does stop to talk with you.  Unless you’ve hit the lottery and actually approached the nicest person in town, his attitude is going to be “What do you want, buddy?”  Your small talk consists of one-word responses from him as he’s trying to figure you out.

You decide to be brave and mention a business opportunity.  What do you think his response is going to be?  If you’ve tried this recently, you know. 

This can go one of three ways.  First, he looks at you like you’re crazy, says, “Dude, I don’t got time for this,” and walks away.  Second, he hits you with every objection and question known to man.  Third, he is genuinely interested and promises to check out your opportunity and then life happens and he completely forgets.

Old School Network Marketing is Dead

The days of being able to walk up to somebody on the street or in the store is pretty much over. 


People are too cynical to be open minded, too busy to stop and talk or have had or know someone who had a bad experience with network marketing.

Am I saying 100% there’s no one out there looking for what you have to offer?  No.  

prospecting in network marketing, #MnMInsights

There are plenty of people out there looking for something different, looking for a way to change their circumstances.  Unfortunately, they don’t walk around with a sign around their neck for you to know which ones they are on the street.

Okay.  So how do you prospect now?  Social media.  I’m sure you’ve heard the tales of marketing on social media.  I’m sure you’ve been warned against it because nobody wants to be sold to, especially on social media.  And that is absolutely true.

Listen, I did not like social media when I started marketing online.  In fact, it took me a year and a half into my business to start to be social on social media.

First things first, when I’m talking about marketing on social media, I’m not saying to:

  • put links everywhere
  • connect with people you don’t know and send them your link
  • strike up small talk in a message and then prospect
  • go on someone else’s wall and put your link there
  • go into a group, place an “ad” and tag 99 people
  • or plaster all over your wall about your business, your products or your network marketing company

Attraction Marketing!

I am talking about Attraction Marketing.  I am talking about being SOCIAL on social media.  I am talking about connecting with people on a personal level and chat with them, build a relationship with them.

Attraction Marketing/Law of Attraction has been around for years.  It’s not new.  Most people, however, do not how to use it.

I can hear your objection right now.  I don’t know how to chat with people.  What do I say?  How do I not talk about my opportunity?

I hear you and I understand.  I do.  I was there too.

So I did a video to show you how to find someone to connect with and how to strike up a conversation.

(Note on video:  #1, You should not message more than 5 people a day you are not connected with already.  Facebook will restrict your account for a while if you do.  #2, You may not get people who message you back.  If you are not connected to them, your message will most likely end up in their “message requests” folder.  Just keep doing it.  As you can see, people do check those folders regularly.  #3, There are networking groups as well you can find where they require interaction.  You can be very visible in those too.)

It’s a Relationship Business

Network Marketing is a relationship business, and you need to build a relationship with people.  It’s not going to happen right away.  Very few people will want your information immediately.

And listen, if you do not like people, network marketing is not for you, period.  You can either move into another type of business where you’re not interacting directly with people OR you learn to like people.

I was in this category.  I’ve been in and out of network marketing now for 20 years.  It took me this long to realize what my problem truly was.  I didn’t like people.  I didn’t want to talk to them.  I didn’t know how to talk to them.

Then something happened where I had to make a choice.  I had to decide….continue to live like this or do something to get out.  I chose to get out.  I chose to learn to do things I was not comfortable with because I knew this business would get me where I wanted to go.

The choice is yours.  Are you willing to do what you need to do to get where you want to go or are you going to choose to do the things that are not getting you any results?

Now What?

Okay, Michelle.  I’ve connected with 5 people each day and talked about their dogs or cats or rat or whatever.  I’ve small talked about where they live or where they just vacationed.  Now what?

The next step is to provide value on your wall relevant to your prospect.  You can do this several ways: your blog posts, other people’s blog posts (not from a competitor), videos, articles, motivational quotes, motivational videos, informational posts.

They will see the quality of information that you are putting out there.  They will see the posts that you create.  They will see your videos.  They will see the information you share and they’ll become curious. 

What does she do?  And so they start checking you out, and then they might come to you with a question or two.  From there you can go into your prospecting mode or whatever.

If you don’t know how to create or find the content you need, reach out to me.  That’s the easy part.  I can help you with that no problem.  I’m a certified content marketing specialist.  That may be your biggest concern but it shouldn’t be.

It is all about reaching out to them, connecting, building a relationship first, getting them to friend you or follow you.

If you use the strategy I taught in the video above and become visible, little by little you will start attracting them.  You will start to see notifications so-and-so followed you, then it becomes daily, then a couple people each day will follow you, and you will get friend notifications from people you have never seen before. 

This is Attraction Marketing.

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Closing Thoughts

That’s the new prospecting.  Yes, it takes longer than prospecting on the street.  But does it really?  

Out of ten people you talked to on the street how many people did you recruit?  Zero?  One maybe?  Do you think they just accepted your information to be polite because they didn’t want to say no to your face? 

But you also just wasted your time getting ready, going out there, standing around trying to talk to people, break down their walls, convincing them.

That’s not what prospecting and recruiting is these days.  We should no longer be in the “convincing” business.

It’s connecting.  Prospecting nowadays is connecting, building a relationship, and attraction marketing, period.  That’s where your success is going to be found, and if you need help in any of those strategies, come see me.  I’m here.


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